The Arizal and the Alshich

This week, the 5th of Av (which falls out on Tuesday), is the Arizal’s yarzheit.  So I wanted to share the following story that I heard from Rabbi Eli Mansour.

On Friday nights, the Arizal used to go to the Alshich’s parsha shiur.  One of the things the Alshich is known for is his amazing commentaries on Chumash.  That evening, the Alshich darshened from the pesukim no less than 100 different ways that Lavan tricked Yaakov Avinu.  He actually went through each way that he tricked him, and each time the Arizal laughed.  After a while, someone asked the Arizal why he was laughing.  He explained that Lavan walked in to hear the Alshich’s shiur and is sitting with us.  And each time the Alshich states how Lavan tricked Yaakov, Lavan laughs and says “That is true.  That is amazing that the Alshich knows that.”

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1 Response to The Arizal and the Alshich

  1. gaston deutsch says:

    I heard that he was laughing because he saw Lavan said on one specific thing that i never did that but if i would of thought of it i probably would of done it just like the Alshich explained it…

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