Mashiach is Waiting- WOW!

During his sermon on Rosh Hashanah, the saintly Yismach Moshe, ancestor of the Satmar Rebbe, would relate the following:

On Rosh Hashanah, the kings and rulers of all nations are standing before the Heavenly Court, anxiously waiting to hear the judgment of their nation.  King Mashiach, too, is standing there, hoping that in the coming year the geula sheleimah, the complete redemption, will come to pass, and the Jewish people will at long last be freed from the galus.

When the verdict is read that the Jewish people did not merit to be redeemed, King Mashiach leaves the Court, ashamed and deeply embarrassed, while all the gentile rulers taunt and ridicule him.

The Satmar Rebbe would repeat these remarks in his inspirational speech before tekias shofar.  He emphasized that the Yismach Moshe knew what transpired in Heaven.  His words are not meant in a figurative sense; he stated true facts, and was qualified to relate them. ~ Divrei Yoel, Rosh Hashanah

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