Please Read Today!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!  Right now you can set it up so that your one-time donation ensures you and each member of your family the daily mitzvah of tzedaka for every day of the year!

You can donate as little as 5 cents per day ($19.25 for the year) for you and each of your family members to ensure that you and your family don’t go a day without giving tzedaka.

Right now, before Rosh Hashana is the perfect time to set it up.  You can easily do it now by using this link:

Don’t wait!   It is really brilliant and I hope you take advantage of it.

I wish everyone a shana tova and kesiva vechasima tova!  May we all be inscribed in the book of life and be blessed with a year full of emuna, shalom bayis, health, happiness, a parnasah tova and nachas from our entire families.

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1 Response to Please Read Today!

  1. sharon weiss says:

    Brilliant. Just did it Thank you for sharing.

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