R’ Moshe Dweck zt”l

It is told about R’ Moshe Dweck zt”l that in his final illness in 2005, when he was seriously ill and hospitalized, a close friend came to visit.  The friend said, “R’ Moshe you don’t belong here, you should be teaching Torah.”  R’ Moshe replied calmly, “Right now I belong right here.  The proof being that Hashem put me here.!”  When his son came to visit him and he was wracked with terrible back pains and was connected to oxygen tanks, he asked his son, “ Do you love me?”  “Of course, Abba, definitely,” came the reply, not understanding what his father was getting at.  R’  Moshe continued, “if you could remove all of my pain and suffering, would you do it?”  Visibly upset, his son countered that of course he would.  R’ Moshe explained, “Hashem loves me many times more than you love me, there is no limit to His compassion.  Moreover, Hashem can easily alleviate all of my suffering.  So why doesn’t He?  Not only does Hashem not remove the suffering, He is the one who afflicted me with it.  Why?”  The questions echoed in the room until R’ Moshe concluded, “ Precisely because Hashem loves me , specifically because His compassion is unlimited did He inflict this upon me.  He doesn’t make me suffer despite His compassion, He makes me suffer because of His compassion.”  (Zichron Moshe)

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2 Responses to R’ Moshe Dweck zt”l

  1. Debbie Schmookler says:

    Profound! Everyone should hang this on their frig!


  2. Leah barski says:

    Wow!! What a unique way to think!! A real inspiration!

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