Deep Breath

There is a famous story of an impoverished tzaddik who could not afford a lulav and esrog on erev sukkos.  He realized that he could sell his prized possession, a pair of tefillin that he inherited from his father, and purchase a beautiful esrog with it, which is what he did.  However, when his wife learned what he had done, she became very angry for her husband had not given her anything with which she could prepare for the Festival.  She then became infuriated, took the esrog from him and threw it on the ground, rendering it unfit for use.

At this point, the tzaddik sighed and said “I have no tefillin, and now I have no esrog.  Should I also fall into the trap of anger?

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  1. jedwabdental says:

    he really should have consulted with her 🙂


    Date: Sun, 4 Oct 2015 01:16:10 +0000 To:

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