Languages and the 7 Day Week

Here is an excerpt from the Kuzari, which I have been learning lately and love:

The Rabbi: “Have you ever seen or heard of a nation that [abandoned their original language and] invented a new one?”

The Kuzari: “No, I haven’t.  [That would be highly impractical; for example, all books would have to be rewritten.]  No doubt, language came into being at some point in time, before which none of the languages we know of today existed.  I imagine everyone spoke the same language, [Hebrew, the holy tongue that Adam spoke.]”

The Rabbi: “That’s not all.  Have you ever heard of a nation that does not accept the conventional seven-day week that starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday?  Is it conceivable that all nations from the far east to the west should agree on a seven-day week unless one individual instituted it, or a gather of the world reached an agreement on this issue?”

The Kuzari: “You are right.  This could have happened only if all the nations of the world unanimously adopted such a resolution.  That is hard to believe.  We must say that all men are descendants from one person, either Adam or Noach or someone else, in which case all people of the world received the concept of a seven-day week from a common ancestor.”

The Rabbi: “That’s exactly what I was driving at.  But there’s more…

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