Incredible Story Fresh out of Israel

About a week ago in Israel, a Palestinian Arab was following a chassidish lady who was walking alone in Jerusalem for about 20 minutes, after which he disappeared. The woman was suspicious of him and immediately called in his description to the police, who were able to make the arrest and brought him in for questioning.  There, the Arab admitted that he was planning to stab the woman but couldn’t get close to her, since she had with her two big bullies one on her right side and one on her left side.  After realizing these bullies weren’t leaving her side, he gave up.

The police went back to the woman to confirm she was alone like she had told them. She confirmed she was alone, however, she said that the whole time the Arab was following her she kept repeating the passuk:

“מימיני מיכאל ומשמאלי גבריאל”

“to my right, Michael, to my left Gavriel”

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4 Responses to Incredible Story Fresh out of Israel

  1. myriam says:

    I hope you don’t take offense but this story is so amazing that I am seeking verification such as do you know this woman or the police officers etc. again I don’t mean to offend

    • Emuna Daily says:

      No offense taken. I heard this from a friend and don’t have any proof, but believe it is true. Miracles like this happen everyday. We just don’t always find out about them.

  2. Chaim Halberstam says:

    I have stopped receiving my emuna daily emails, but would still appreciate getting them.Thank YouEsther and Chaim Halberstam

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