Your Eyes

A person’s evil inclination only has control over that which he sees. ~ R’ Nachman of Breslov zt”l

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  1. Noach Peled says:

    Rahis in this week’s parsha 28:13…

    אלהי יצחק: אף על פי שלא מצינו במקרא שייחד הקב”ה שמו על הצדיקים בחייהם לכתוב אלהי פלוני, משום שנאמר (איוב טו טו) הן בקדושיו לא יאמין, כאן ייחד שמו על יצחק לפי שכהו עיניו וכלוא היה בבית, והרי הוא כמת, ויצר הרע פסק

    Though we do not find in Tanach that Hashem associates His name with the names of tzadikim during their lifetimes by writing “the God of so-and-so,” as it says (Iyov 15:15):“Behold He does not believe in His holy ones,” [i.e., Hashem does not even consider tzadikim righteous until after their deaths, when they are no longer subject to the yetzer harah], here He nevertheless did attach His name to Yitzchak because his eyes had become dim, and he was confined to his house, such that he was like dead, and the yetzer harah had ceased from him.

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