Not an “All or Nothing” Religion

In an Inn one Shabbos, R’ Yisroel Salanter zt”l noticed a young guest writing. Although deeply shaken at this desecration of Shabbos, R’ Yisroel said nothing. During the day he inquired about the fellow and discovered that he worked as an agent for a big firm, and his job required him to keep a daily record of his business. Then R’ Yisroel conversed at length with the young man himself.  After ascertaining that the young man could not be convinced to leave his job, R’ Yisroel persuaded him to keep his writing to the bare minimum.  That Saturday night, R’ Yisroel sat up late with him and helped him devise the shortest possible report, which he would use on Shabbos.  In this way the desecration of Shabbos would be reduced to the minimum. ~ Sparks of Mussar

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