A Must Watch Video!!!!

By now, many of you have heard about the 15 year old boy named Natan, who recently (on the first night of Sukkos) had a near death experience, went up to Heaven and remembers everything he saw there. Not only is his personal experience incredible to hear about, but what he was told about the battle of Gog and Magog and the coming of Moshiach, which he states will occur within the next few weeks or months, is mind boggling.

I was going to write an entire summary, but I think you will get so much more out of it by watching the video. There are 2 options. One video of him telling his story is 38 minutes and includes English subtitles. If you are interested in seeing the rest of his story, there is another video which includes the first 38 minutes but then continues and is a total of 1 hour and 48 minutes. On this video, the subtitles are in French but could be converted to English in a few easy steps.

Just below is a link to the full video (or you can just watch on this website).  You have to sign in to Youtube to watch this. Then on the bottom right of the video, click on CC, then settings, then “auto-translate” and then English.


Here is a link to the original 38 minute video where none of the steps above are necessary or just watch on this website:


I gained a lot from this video, but one thing that I think needs to be stressed is that when he watched the movie of his life, he noticed that he was not asked and was not even shown sins he committed that he did teshuvah for. Hashem gives us such a gift – the opportunity to do teshuvah. You simply need to ask Hashem for forgiveness, regret your sin and commit never to do it again.  Every day we should do teshuvah. It will make a world of a difference one day.

Now trust me…watch the video, if not now, at some point over the next few days. You won’t regret it.

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6 Responses to A Must Watch Video!!!!

  1. Chava kahn says:

    Its so clear half yhe story is made up! If u want more info look what hidabroot website.

  2. Sruly says:

    It is not true. It has been fabricated. Either way we should start tshuva if we haven’t yet… Don’t wanna miss the boat

  3. Jennie Shapiro says:

    Many rabbis have said this is not true. This is the second time I read a story that seemed totally untrue. The first story was a few weeks ago with a chassidish woman being followed. If you believe them by all means tell people however if the purpose is to get people to do teshuva it is important that people know the truth or it could possibly turn people off. I’d love your feedback. 

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    • Emuna Daily says:

      I should have mentioned in the original post that whether it is true or not, it is totally consistent with our beliefs. It is good for people to know that. I personally believe that at the very least, he believes this is what he saw. I don’t know which rabbis said it is not true, but I am curious what they are basing their opinion on. I heard many rabbis who believe it is true. I think the only person that knows if it is true is the boy on the video.

      As for your comment about teshuva, I hope that is not the case. Again, everything he said is based on our beliefs. No one knows when that day will come when one can no longer do teshuva. People should get in the habit of doing teshuva as soon as necessary. I doubt if they do that, they will one day regret it even if what the boy said doesn’t happen in the near future.

      Thanks so much for your feedback.

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