Rabbi Yitzchok of Alexander zt”l

A store owner who did not observe Shabbos came to Rabbi Yitzchok of Alexander with a complaint that his business was unsuccessful.  Rav Yitzchok advised him, “Take me as a partner, and you will be successful.” Of course, the man agreed.  The Rabbi asked for one-seventh of the profits, and again the man agreed.  Then Rav Yitzchok said to him, “I will forgo my share of the profits, but you must close your store on Shabbos, since that is the equivalent of my seventh of the business.”

When people heard that the Alexander Rebbe was a partner in the store, the man’s business prospered, and he became a Shabbos observer. ~ Maasiyos HagdolimHachodosh as quoted by R’ Zellig Pliskin

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