Corrected Link – Just a Few Minutes a Day

A few days ago, the newest cycle of the Mishna Yomis began with Maseches Brachos.  By learning just two mishnayos each day, a person completes roughly one seder of Shas every year, and all of Shas in about 6 years, a phenomenal accomplishment. Whether you already have a seder of learning or not, everyone reading this is capable of dedicating a few minutes to this endeavor.

There are a number of apps and other resources available to aide your learning.  Go to and download the free app on both IPhone and Android.  The app allows you to listen to a shiur which is very clear and concise and even the most difficult and technical subjects are explained in a way that all can understand.  It also includes a reminder function so you can set a reminder to listen to your daily mishnayos and tracking functionality so that you can tick off when you have completed a particular day.

Another great free app that includes the entire Mishna with Kehati can be found in the links below.

Android –

IPhone –

Wouldn’t it be nice to one day be able to say that you completed all of Shas?  Now is the time to start.

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  1. Eli Weisfeld says:

    Yasher koach.

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