Beracha for our Sons

One of his Chasidim asked the Kotzker Rebbe for a beracha that he merit that his sons study Torah with devotion.  The Rebbe replied that the Chassid himself had the key to ensure that this blessing could materialize.  The Rebbe pointed out to this father that he should learn Torah with devotion, and then he could anticipate that his sons would follow his example. “For if not,” the Rebbe warned, “your sons will come with the same request – that their sons should study with devotion while they occupy themselves with other matters.”

Torah can only be fulfilled when we are willing to exert ourselves directly and personally in its ways.  We must demonstrate the importance of Torah learning by setting an example that others might follow.  By merely stating ideals, these goals will not be reached.  ~ Daf Digest

[Sorry, I thought I had this scheduled on go out after shabbos.]

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