Rav Elyashiv reciting Tachanun

I remember that if there was a Monday or Thursday without Rav Elyashiv being honored as sandak (at a bris), which was very rare, we would say the longer form of Tachanun beginning with V’Hu Rachum.  This tefillah must be said while standing and with intense kavanah.  I never once saw the Rav sit for this tefillah.  Even at the age of 101, he stood like a servant before his Master.  This, it is known, is a very powerful prayer.  We beg Hashem for compassion and illustrate our helplessness by comparing ourselves to sheep that are totally dependent upon the guidance and protection of their shepherd.  During this tefillah, the atmosphere was very intense, with everyone present crying out for Heavenly mercy.  As soon as someone finished, he would take his seat and began saying Tachanun.  Within minutes everyone was sitting – except for one person, who was still standing swaying softly as he poured out his heart, asking for mercy for all of Klal Yisrael.  This was none other than Rav Elyashiv.  ~ The Gadol Hador

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2 Responses to Rav Elyashiv reciting Tachanun

  1. Chaia Frishman says:

    I just want you to know how much I enjoy these emails. I don’t always get a chance to read them all, but when I do they are just the right touch.

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