Mussar is not Enough

It is not enough simply to learn mussar in order to help us refrain from lashon hara.  We must also learn the laws of what is considered lashon hara.  What good is all the mussar in the world, which warns of the terrible prohibition of lashon hara and rechilus, if a person permits himself with baseless excuses that “This is not considered lashon hara,” or “The Torah permits lashon hara about that person.” ~ Shemiras Halashon, introduction

On a personal note, I have unfortunately witnessed the truth of the above quote.  Too many people don’t know the halachos of Lashon Hara and therefore speak it without realizing it.  Today, we should all take it upon ourselves to learn these halachos.   You can purchase seforim or simply subscribe to daily emails on the topic.  There are so many to choose from.  May we all be zoche to learn these halachos and not speak lashon hara from this point forward.  

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