Found Money – True Story

There is an elder lady that recently moved into the community that I had the pleasure of meeting. She told me an amazing story that happened to her just the other day, which I would like to share. For purposes of this blog, I will just focus on the end of the story.

This lady is very modest and not wealthy by any means, however, she ultimately decided to give a very substantial amount of money to a charitable organization in Israel and specifically dedicated it in memory of her late husband, who had passed away suddenly exactly 10 years ago.  Literally within a few hours of writing the check, she was in her home, putting things away from her recent move.  She was in middle of going through a shopping bag which she threw some loose items into before she moved.  One of the items in the bag was a large gauze pad, which was in one of those sterile paper bags that they come in.  Oddly, however, the package was neatly ripped open.  Her first reaction was to throw it in the garbage, as it looked a bit old and dirty.  However, she peaked inside and was shocked to see a wad of cash hidden inside.  Apparently, her late husband kept some money hidden in there, but because he died suddenly, he never had a chance to tell her about it. She immediately thought how wondrous Hashem is that right after donating money in her husband’s name, she found money from ten years earlier that he had left behind.  However, the true shock was when she counted the money and found that it was the exact amount that she had just donated.

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