Where One Could Aways Go

A young hippie in San Francisco was once experimenting with acid.  During that vulnerable time, a tough looking motorcyclist with a swastika tattooed on his arm entered the room.  In his state of mind, he was sure that this biker wanted to kill him, so he ran out into the street in a panic.

He wanted to run to safety, but who would take him in when he was in such a state; a wild smelly hippie tripping out on acid?  Then he remembered Rebbe Shlomo Carlebach; “He is the only one who will accept me the way I am.”

He ran to the house of Rebbe Shlomo and knocked on the door.  “Shlomo, I need help.”

Rebbe Shlomo put him into his own bed, muddy boots and all.  He then went into the kitchen and made him some food and tea.  For the next few hours Rebbe Shlomo sat by his bed, strumming his guitar and singing until the acid wore off.

“You can always go to Rebbe Shlomo, no matter what shape you are in.”

~ Ecstasy for the Soul

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