Great Opportunity & Powerful Video

I try to post this every year before Rosh Hashana because it is just such an amazing opportunity that everyone should try to take advantage of right now.

Many years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe established “Keren Hashana,” a fund that will disburse your tzedaka (charity) to worthy causes, daily, giving you the benefit of this mitzvah every day of the year!

You can donate as little as 5 cents per day ($17.65 for the year) for you and each of your family members to ensure that you and your family don’t go a day without giving tzedaka.

Right now, before Rosh Hashana is the perfect time to set it up.  You can easily do it online by using this link  If you wish, you can then email to send the names of your family members so that it is clear that the charity is coming from each member of your family.   If you prefer to call them, the phone number is 718 774.4000.

Don’t wait!  Now is the time to take care of this.

It is really brilliant and I hope you take advantage of it.

And here is a powerful video that I found to be pretty powerful:

Rosh Hashana – Unetanah Tokef 5777 2016

Click Here

If you are reading this email and do not see the “Click Here” link to the video, then just click “Great Opportunity & Powerful Video” above which will take you to the site and you can watch it there.

Have a happy, healthy and sweet new year!

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