10 Steps to Greatness

Rav Avigdor Miller, zt”l, once delineated ten steps that should be practiced every day, and by doing so, it will lead one to reach greatness.

1) Say at least once, “I love you Hashem”.

2) Spend thirty seconds thinking about Olam Haba.

3) At least one time during the day, perhaps during meal times, acknowledge that your actions are L’Sheim Shamayim, that what you are doing is for the sake of Heaven.

4) In Birchos HaShachar, when saying the brachah of “Malbish Arumim”, that Hashem provides us with clothing, spend thirty seconds contemplating the great gift of garments, including the benefits of pockets, buttons, and shoelaces.

5) Spend one minute thinking over our actions that were done yesterday (Cheshbon HaNefesh, making an accounting of one’s deeds).

6) Sit down on the floor in privacy for one second to think about the loss of Yerushalayim, especially when reciting the words, “If I forget you, Yerushalayim…”

7) Do one act of kindness a day that no one, other than Hashem, knows about.

8) Encourage somebody- you will thereby be imitating Hashem, Who lifts up the humble.

9) Once a day, when looking at another person, think to yourself, “I’m seeing a Tzelem Elokim, someone who is made in the image of Hashem.”

10) Just like Hashem’s image shines on us, smile at others! Rav Miller recommended doing these exercises for thirty days, and advised, “If you feel a little tired out, take a break and come back slowly. To become great, you have to be extreme!” ~ Divrei Chizuk

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