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Listening to the Torah Reading

Aside from being a mitzvah in and of itself, listening to the communal Torah reading is an expression of honor for the Torah. When one honors the Torah in this manner, the Torah arouses mercy for him and for all … Continue reading

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“If one pursues honor, it will elude him, but if one flees from honor, it will pursue him.” (Talmud Eruvin 13b). A man once approached his rabbi to ask how it was that he kept fleeing from honor and it … Continue reading

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Eternal beings 

Human acts are forever. When you say a word, that word is forever. You just cannot erase that word. It’ll continue to live on for eternity. Everything that people do in this world is of eternal significance. There’s no such … Continue reading

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Negative Habits

Instead of just changing, redirect that energy in a positive way in a matter relating to serving Hashem. ~ Chidushay Harim

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“The definition of “Nature” is miracles that happen more often!” ~ R’ Yeruchom Levovitz zt”l

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A Hidden Light

For every single moment that a person guards his mouth [from speaking forbidden words], he merits to enjoy a hidden light that no angel could possibly fathom. ~ Iggeres Ha Gra, citing a Midrash

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R’ Yehuda Kelemer Shlita

Each motzei shabbos, I try to send out a story about a tzaddik to help inspire us.  Tonight, I want to send out a story about a tzaddik that I and some others that follow this blog are fortunate to … Continue reading

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