R’ Nosson Zvi Finkel’s appearance in the yeshiva to give a shmuse touched off a mad rush as the talmidim scrambled for the best seats.  R’ Nosson Zvi was displeased, and he began his shmuse rebuking them.  “In running,” he said, “You may overturn shtenders, which may get scratched or damaged from the fall.  Then you will be guilty of damaging and robbing.”

“Furthermore, it could happen that one of you steals another’s place.  When the trees were created, they did not appear in disorder; each grew in its own place far enough from the rest so that it didn’t infringe on another’s territory.  The grass, in turn, learned from the trees (Chulin 60; Rashi there). Shouldn’t we also learn from them?” ~ Sparks of Mussar
If anyone can learn some mishnayos for my grandmother, Sarah Dena Bas Yehoshua Yosef, in time for the shloshim, the afternoon of December 26, 2016, it would be much appreciated.  You can sign up by clicking this link http://hadranalach.com/318
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