Thinking of Shabbos

When wearing tefillin, one may not divert his thoughts; and when the Kohen Gadol is wearing the tzitz (head-plate), which is less holy than tefillin, he may not divert his attention.  Therefore, surely on Shabbos, which is holier than tefillin-as evidenced by the fact that on Shabbos, we do not put on tefillin because of its greater kedusha,-we can derive that we must not divert our thoughts from the kedusha of the day for even a moment. ~ Toledos Yaakov Yosef which he learned from his rebbi, the Ball Shem Tov.

If anyone can learn some mishnayos for my grandmother, Sarah Dena Bas Yehoshua Yosef, in time for the shloshim, the afternoon of December 26, 2016, it would be much appreciated.  You can sign up by clicking this link

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1 Response to Thinking of Shabbos

  1. Yosef says:

    I think the reason we don’t wear Tefillin on Shabbos has to do with the fact that both are an “os”. I don’t think one can infer a higher level of Kedusha from that.

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