This world is like a hotel.  If a guest sits in his room and waits politely, everything he needs will be brought to him by the hired help.  But if a person rushes to the kitchen to take his food, he will have to attend to himself.  Similarly, a person who has bitochon will be given his needs.  But one who puts excessive efforts into pursuing his livelihood will find that he is forced to do so. ~ R’ Yosef Yozel Hurwitz zt”l, the Alter of Novardok

To be clear, this is not to say that one does not have to do his or her hishtadlus.  I think the Alter is specifically speaking of “excessive efforts,” as stated.   

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1 Response to Hotel

  1. Moishe Wydra says:

    How much effort is excessive? Doesn’t the answer to that question depend on how much you need to support yourself and your family?

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