The Alter of Novardok’s Candle

One night as R’ Yosef Yozel Hurwitz, the Alter of Novardok, was sitting and learning in the house of solitude in the woods, his last candle burned out.  R’ Yosefl Yozel was very upset about the bitul Torah, but he had complete bitochon that something would turn up very soon.  He opened the door and went outside, and at that very moment a stranger came up to him, handed him a candle and disappeared.

For 25 years R’ Yosef Yozel saved the candle as a remembrance of the miracle and proof of the power of bitochon.  Then, in a fire that broke out in Novardok, the candle was lost.  R’ Yosef Yozel took the loss as a sign from Heaven that no proof of the power of bitochon is necessary. Furthermore, he learned from it that even getting excited about the miracle shows a lack of bitochon, for a person should feel the naturalness of miracles and the meticulousness of nature.  ~ Sparks of Mussar
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