Humble People

The Humble person finds Serenity; One who seeks honor and recognition cultivates a life of inevitable frustration. ~ R’ Chaim Shmulevitz zt”l

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1 Response to Humble People

  1. Yossi Kalman says:

    Hello, Thank you so much for the daily email chizuk. We began a Shmiras Einayim and Bris whatsapp group. Guys receive daily chizuk regarding this inyan and can message for help when they feel they are headed for a nefilah.

    I was wondering if you could please email a small message on the next email chizuk notifying everybody how to join the group if they wish.

    (I’ll send you the information if you can send it the message)

    Thank you very much and tizkeh l’mitzvos, Yossi

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