These are the things…

One of the leading rabbis of the generation was seriously ill.  He came to the Steipler Gaon for a blessing.  The Steipler advised him to establish a fund for dowries for brides, telling him that the merit of this mitzvah would stand him in good stead.

He explained that in the braisa that we recite each morning, “These are thing things,” the mitzvah of visiting the sick is not adjacent to the mitzvah of escorting the dead.  In between, the Tanna places the mitzvah of providing for a bride.  According to commentators, said the Steipler, providing for brides, places a separation so that someone who is sick  will not succumb to his illness and be escorted by his grave.

The leading rabbi took the advice, established a very large dowry fund, recovered from his illness and afterwards lived for many years.  ~ Orchos Rabbeinu

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  1. B H says:

    This story happened to Harav Chaim Kreiswirth Zt”l the Rav of the Machzikei Hadass Kehilla in Antwerpen, Belgium

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