The Tchebiner Rav zt”l

Someone told the Tchebiner Rav zt’l that he has older children, and he hasn’t yet found a shidduch for them. The Tchebiner Rav told him the following story: “One Erev Yom Kippur, before dawn, a person was walking to do kaparos. He held a chicken in one hand, his other hand held the machzor, and then his eyeglasses slid off his nose to the ground. What should he do? How could be pick up his eyeglasses? Both of his hands were full. If he put the chicken down for a moment, it would run away. He obviously couldn’t put the machzor on the ground. So he stood there perplexed, not knowing what to do.”

“So what did he do?” the man asked. “I don’t know,” the Tchebiner Rav replied. “But one thing I’m certain of; he’s not standing there anymore.”

With this story, the Tchebiner Rav was telling him, life goes on. There are hurdles, there are challenges, but they pass. The difficulties aren’t forever. ~ R’ Elimelech Biderman

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