Evil Character Traits

A person shouldn’t think that repentance is only necessary for those sins that involve deeds such as promiscuity, robbery or theft; rather, just as a person is obligated to repent from these, similarly, he must search after the evil character traits he has–he must repent from anger, hatred, envy, frivolity, the pursuit of money and honor, the pursuit of gluttony and the like. He must repent for all of the above. ~ Rambam

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2 Responses to Evil Character Traits

  1. moshe borowski says:

    hi. can u plz tell me where in the Rambam that quote is from? tx in advance. keep up the great work! good Shabbos! Moshe Borowski

  2. sebastien berger says:

    Envoyé depuis mon smartphone Samsung Galaxy.

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