Segulah from Eliyahu HaNavi!

R’ Moshe Cordovero zt”l (the Ramak) was given a special segulah directly from Eliyahu Hanavi, that when one wants to get rid of impure thoughts, he should say the following verse several times until they are gone:

Aish tamid tukad al hamizbayach; lo tichbeh
Fire on the Altar Hebrew text
An eternal fire shall remain burning on the altar; it may not be extinguished. (Leviticus 6:6)

The idea is that each one of us is a miniature Beis Hamikdash, a dwelling place for Hashem’s Shechinah, within which a flame burns eternally and therefore foreign fires such as impure thoughts must be kept out.

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1 Response to Segulah from Eliyahu HaNavi!

  1. Jack says:

    Of Course It Only Helps For The One Who Is Guarding His Eyes When He Walks On The Street. As We Say In Kriath Shema 3 Times a Day.

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