Definition of Emuna

The Hebrew noun emuna is translated as “faith” but really means “trust, confidence, reliability, faithfulness.” The Torah does not command belief in God, but rather describes faith in Hashem, which is striving to know and understand God’s ways, of obeying His laws. We are given a sense, then, that faith is not believing, in the sense of deciding whether God exists or not, but rather a matter of expressing conviction.  The act of faith is not proving but being faithful.  As Psalms 18:25 says “To the faithful you show yourself faithful.” ~ Alan Morinis

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1 Response to Definition of Emuna

  1. Yosef Krohn says:

    the definition for emuna is indeed as u posted.however ,the explanation should be somewhat easier to understand….it was too drawn out & hard to really get a grasp on it. thank u for these daily quips. they keep me going .

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