Great Story and Lesson

The Chofetz Chaim zt’l told the following story:

The Dubno Magid zt’l once met a blind widower walking with his son in the streets of Vilna. Most people didn’t pay much attention to them, but the Dubno Magid greeted them, and spoke with them. They told him about their great poverty, how their home wasn’t heated, and that they didn’t have food. The Dubno Magid took them into his home so they could warm up, and to eat dinner. The Dubno Magid noticed that the son was very wise, so he hired a melamed to teach him Torah.

From that day on they became part of the Dubno Magid’s household. Even after the blind father was niftar, the Dubno Magid continued paying for the child’s tutor.This child became Reb Shlomo Kluger zt’l, one of the gedolei hador, whose Torah illuminates the world until today.

The Chofetz Chaim would say: Many people saw the blind pauper with his son walking around the streets of Vilna. They shook their heads, said ‘nebach! What a rachmanus!’ and that’s about all. But the Dubno Magid took action. He showed concern, fed them, and paid for a tutor for the child. If the Dubno Magid hadn’t helped them out, the Jewish nation would have lost a gadol b’Yisrael. Let’s learn from this to grasp opportunities to do chesed, because you can never know what you will accomplish…

~ R’ Elimelech Biderman Shlita

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