The Baal HaTanya asked a soldier why when soldiers go to war, they know there’s a good chance that they’ll die in battle, yet so many people sign up for the army willingly, and even eagerly? It seems totally irrational. What’s the explanation?

The soldier replied, “Our passion and happiness to win the war are greater than our desire to live.”

From this episode, the Baal HaTanya taught that one should approach the battle against the yetzer hara with immense joy. He should be excited to battle the yetzer hara. We shouldn’t be daunted by the difficulties of the battle, because waging this battle is the greatest joy of all. And if we strive to win the war, we will.  As the Vilna Gaon said, “Those who are stubborn will succeed.” ~ R’ Elimelech Biderman Shlita

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