They have wives!

One Friday evening at twilight in Slobodka, R’ Nosson Zvi Finkel’s sermon lasted longer than usual.  When the time for Maariv came, his rebbetzen, who was familiar with her husband’s ways, opened the door a crack and whispered, “They have wives.”

R’ Nosson Zvi instantly stopped his shmuze [sermon] at its climax and began the Maariv prayers of Shabbos.  One of the listeners dared to say “Our wives don’t mind.”

“First of all,” answered R’ Nosson Zvi, “I don’t believe you, and you cannot speak for them.  Second, your wives are surely hungry, and you are not permitted to delay their eating.”

Despite protests of his listeners, R’ Nosson Zvi davened quickly, hurriedly wished each one “Good Shabbos,” and sent them home.  ~ Sparks of Mussar

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