The Key to the Treasure

A person lives in unbearable poverty his entire life. He never has enough food. He can’t pay his bills. He could not help others in need. Everyone tells him that there is a treasure buried under the floorboards of his house, but he doesn’t believe it. He gives the floor a half-hearted kick every so often, thinking maybe he’ll hear the jingle of coins, but he only hears the thunk of his heel against the wood.

Then, on the last day of this man’s life, someone walks in, lifts up a plank and reveals an iron chest filled with gems and gold. All the wealth the dying man could ever have needed is in that chest. His whole lifetime of miserable struggle plays out before his dimming eyes; the stab of what could have been is the last sensation he ever feels.

That piercing remorse is the lot of one who does not believe in and utilize the power of prayer. ~ Praying with Fire

Let’s not wait until we get to the World to Come to see what could have been, if only we prayed for it.

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