Used to be a Dream

When I was a child, Israel was a legend more than a reality.  She emerged from a dream, and today she has surpassed that dream. ~ Shimon Peres

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1 Response to Used to be a Dream

  1. mordechai hammer says:

    I appreciate your daily emails but I must say quoting Peres who was an apikores who had learned in Yeshiva in his youth is not proper for emuna daily. I understand you have an appreciation for the state of Israel and wanted something on their day of independence we have to realize that only glory of Hashem is what we celebrate. Right now we can’t say that the state is glory of Hashem even if their is some good in it. So to say surpassed the dream isn’t proper, Our dream is the return of the Shechinah which is a reality that we await let us hope this reality will be seen by all very soon.

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