I can find time for that…

In Koheles, Shlomo Hamelech so eloquently portrays the value of time: Lakol zman va’eis tachas Hashamayim – “Everything has its season, a time for everything under the heavens (3:1).  But there is a mussar lesson to be learned as well:

Lakol – for everything that a person desires, zman va’eis – one can find enough time, tachas Hashamayim – for worldly matters, i.e. for pleasure, relaxation, and temptation, one channels all his energy into gashmiyus and matters of little importance.  However, when it comes to important issues, matters of spiritual purpose that actually count up in Heaven, suddenly he has no more time. ~ R’ Avraham Menachem Fischoff in Torah Tavlin

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