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One effective way to allow the morning blessings to truly penetrate one’s consciousness is to visualize the experience of one who lacks these gifts, and who then suddenly receives then via miracle from Above.

Pokei’ach ivrim – We can see.  To feel the impact of this blessing, imagine for one moment the soaring joy of a blind man who one day opens his eyes and, suddenly, can see beautiful colors, sights and loved ones.

Malbish arumim – We have clothes to wear.  Visualize the terrible shame and vulnerability you would feel if this were not so.  Imagine that Hashem sees your needs, and suddenly, you are clothed in clean, dignified garments.

Zokeif kefufum – He straightens the bent.  Imagine a body so stiff and racked with pain that you cannot lift your head.  With a mere touch, Hashem instantly relieves the pain and lifts your head so that you can once again walk erect, pain free.  ~ Praying with Fire 2

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  1. says:

    This idea of not taking things for granted reminds me of a speech I heard before Rosh Hashona.

    Rabbi Doniel Glatstein from the Five Towns said we start from scratch with our requests, not taking for granted the what we have will continue in the new year.


  2. sharon weiss says:


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