A Letter to Hashem from a 10th Grader

“Dear Hashem, I learned in class that you show yourself in everything. You are right there, next to me, all the time. You are always seeing me, knowing me and understanding me. I just have to open my eyes a little more and then this relationship will be mutual. However much energy I’m putting into seeing you, I have to put in a little more and never stop trying to understand you. It makes me feel important to know that you reflect yourself through me; but it also makes me realize that every single person is also a reflection of you, which makes every person special and amazing.

I need to learn to see past the fake, ugly, outer layer of people and see the real them that you are a part of. The part of them that emulates your qualities; the part that makes them amazing people no matter how bad they seem. I’m really going to try hard to see you more in myself, in others and in everything around me. Love, a girl who is trying to open her eyes more.” ~ A Tenth Grader at Maayanot Yeshiva High School for Girls

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4 Responses to A Letter to Hashem from a 10th Grader

  1. Michelle Natanova says:

    Wow!!!! Thank you!!

  2. Hentchy Lemel says:


    ⁣Sent from BlueMail ​

  3. Tobi Einhorn says:

    I have stopped received emunah daily email!  Please continue sending. 

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