A Meaningful Chanuka Gift

With Chanuka beginning tonight, perhaps you are looking for a great gift to get for family members or friends.  May I suggest that there is no better present than signing them up for DailyGiving.org, which will guarantee the mitzvah of Tzedaka every single day of the year for anyone you sign up for as little as $1 a day.

You can also bet that those you sign up will feel so good about it, that after a year, they will want to continue giving a dollar a day and will sign up for it on their own.  Imagine, they will do the mitzvah of Tzedaka every day of their lives and it will all be because you gave them this one thoughtful gift!  What an opportunity!

People are always looking for a good investment.  Just imagine after 120 years, the amount of mitzvos you will have accumulated because of this one gift!  There is simply no better investment!

Daily Giving is able to give meaningful donations to worthy, vetted Jewish charities worldwide. Whether it’s feeding the poor, helping those with special needs, or many other worthy Jewish charities Daily Giving supports, the power of crowd donations turns your $1 into so much more. Daily Giving takes nothing in return. They started on January 1st of this year and have already given out about $160,000 and have commitments for over $320,000 more to be given out over the next 365 days! The concept is simple but the results are great.

Sign up today to give $1 per day for yourself, or for every family member, and let’s change the world together! www.DailyGiving.org

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