Day 1 – Just Do It!

Every morning, we say Eilu Devarim “These are the precepts whose fruits a person enjoys in This World but whose principal remains intact for him in the World to Come.” We then go on to list these very important mitzvos such as Honoring our parents, inviting guests to our home, visiting the sick, etc.  We then conclude with “and the study of Torah is equivalent to them all.” 

In other words, if you put all of these great mitzvos on one side the scale and Torah learning on the other, Torah learning would outweigh all of them combined!

Now ask yourself these questions – Am I learning enough Torah?  Am I capable of learning more?  Am I being the best “me” that I can be? Why can’t I make a siyum on Shas in 7.5 years?

The answer is that you could!  Think about how old you will be be’ezrat Hashem in 7.5 years.  Imagine the smile on your face and sense of accomplishment you will have when you can say that you have completed all of Shas.

You can do this!  There are more people doing the Daf than ever before and there are more resources to help you along the way than ever before.  Some include:

All Daf – The OU’s newest Day Yomi platform which gives multiple options of shiurim and commentaries.  I am personally very excited about this app. or download the app on your phone.

Daf Hachaim – full length video shiur with sleek charts and illustrations.  It also has a short intro to each daf and a review. www. or download the app on your phone.

The Daf Yomi Advancement Forum – Tons of resources including point by point outlines, review questions and answers, quizzes and more.

Daf Notes and Daf Yomi Digest – Newsletters on each daf including summaries, insights and inspirational stories. and

Torah Anytime – The largest library of recorded Torah videos in the world with a large selection of daf yomi shiurim including R’ Moshe Meir Weiss. or download the app on your phone.

Start today with Berachos, my favorite gemara, and let’s all celebrate this awesome accomplishment in 7.5 years together, Be’ezrat Hashem!

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