Advice from Eliyahu HaNavi

Do not become angry and you will not sin.

Do not become intoxicated and you will not sin.

And when you set out on the way, beg leave of your Creator and then set out (say Tefilas HaDerech).

~ Elijah the Prophet – Berachos 29b

As I announced yesterday, you can now receive Emuna Daily on WhatsApp.

Simply save +1.212.359.3090  on your phone as Emuna Daily. Then on WhatsApp, click on Emuna Daily  and Message “Add me”

For those of you familiar with WhatsApp, note that this will not be a “group” chat, but rather an individual message to you.  No one else will be in the chat.   For instance, if you reply, it will just go to me.   I prefer doing it like this, this way you won’t experience the annoyance of seeing others join and leave the group or see anyone else’s phone numbers or messages.  It is totally private.

Once you subscribe on WhatsApp, feel free to unsubscribe to the emails by clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the emails.
If you have any questions, you can simply reply to this email or comment below.

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