Educating our Children

“Educate a child according to his way, so that even when he becomes old he will never leave it” (Mishlei 22:6)

The Vilna Gaon zt’l explains, “Train the child to perform the mitzvos according to his [individual] nature, because then, even when he will become old, he will not leave them. But if you train him against his nature, he will only listen to you now, because he is afraid of you. But when he reaches independence, when he will not have to listen to you anymore, he will not be able to go against his true nature.”

The Vilna Gaon then quotes the Gemara (Shabbos) which states, “Someone who was born under the mazal maadim, with a nature for shedding blood, should become either a mohel, or a shochet, or a doctor.”

Don’t go against his or her nature.  Instead, try to understand his or her tendencies and channel them for avodas Hashem.

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