Perfect Emuna & Achdus

It is said in the name of R’ Elimelech of Lizensk, zt”l that the most ideal time to attain emuna sheleima is tonight, the 7th night of Pesach.  In fact, the Beis Aharon zt”l said that “the six days of Pesach are a preparation for the seventh day, the primary day of Pesach. It is the most perfect day; the day Bnei Yisroel sang shirah.”

Furthermore, the Ohr Chaim states “The Jewish people sang this song [Az Yashir] with absolute unity, without difference and separation between them, for they were like one person. To hint to this point, the verse (15:1) uses the expression ‘I will sing’ (singular) and not, ‘We will sing.’”  This was the highest level of Achdus the Jews had ever experienced.   They had perfect emuna and perfect achdus!

We can achieve that too!  Even though we are all far apart, let us love each other, forgive each other and have absolute unity.  Let us put our trust completely in Hashem.  We are so close to bringing Moshiach!

May we and all the Jewish people unite and achieve the level of emuna and achdus we once experienced after crossing the yam suf during the first geulah so that we can all very very soon experience the ultimate geulah, bimheira biyameinu!

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