The King’s Children

The Maggid of Kozhnitz taught that one who does a favor for another Jew may give God greater pleasure than by doing a ritual mitzvah; the King certainly derives more pleasure from something done on his child’s behalf than from something done on His own behalf.

One who is involved with the community for the sake of Heaven is thereby taking care the King’s children.  ~ The Pirkei Avos Treasury

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  1. says:

    Very apt.  You too are helping people even in your situation.

    The blessing for those who work for the community is very moving.  I had an afford established in my husband’s name called “Kol ha’oskim b’tzorchei bzibul bemunah …..” He was a community person and so are my children.  Obviously my son the rabbi, but also my daughters have guests and are always doing people favors.

    Stay well,


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