Get Ready for Tonight

It is impossible to know when the geulah sheleimah will come, but I think it will be on Lag b’Omer, on Reb Shimon’s day, because it is a very pure day, a day of salvations. ~ The Tzvi LaTzaddik of Bluzhev zt’l

The Zohar (Rus 104) tells to story of when Reb Shimon traveled to Lud and saw several people die due to a plague and said “How can it be that I am in this city and there’s a plague? I declare that the plague should stop!” Immediately, a bas kol announced to the bad angels, “Leave this place, because Reb Shimon bar Yochai is here. Hakadosh Baruch Hu decrees in heaven, and Reb Shimon annuls the decree on earth below.”

Let’s daven, especially on Lag B’Omer [beginning tonight]that in Reb Shimon Bar Yochai’s zchus, this pandemic should also immediately come to an end and the geulah sheleimah should come!

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