Bitochon lead to Peace of Mind

A person who has bitochon will be free from bothersome thoughts.  He will not worry about what will be tomorrow if he has enough for today.

He does not cause himself needless pain and discomfort by worrying that perhaps he will be missing something in the future…Questions of how he will make a living do not bother him since he knows with clarity that it is impossible for him to have more or less than what the Almighty has decreed for him.

Even if there is a world crisis, he will not worry about his personal situation.  He has trust that any misfortune which was not decreed upon him will not affect him.  He walks in this world completely free from worries and sadness.  He takes pleasure in what he has and feels no lack of possessions.  He is entirely free from worries about the future.  He has a strong awareness that if he has bitochon, he has everything. ~ Madraigas Haadam: Darkai Bitochon ch. 1.

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3 Responses to Bitochon lead to Peace of Mind

  1. Gila Jedwab says:

    I really needed this today. thank you Jeremy

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