Feeling Pain?

Emuna does not mean that you have to look at your life and view it as perfect.  When you are really feeling pain, that too can and must be part of your emuna. It is all from Hashem. ~ R’ YY Jacobson

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4 Responses to Feeling Pain?

  1. Gila Jedwab says:

    Hey Jeremy.

    My translation of emuna has recently changed from simply ‘faith’. My new updated translation of emuna is ‘my relationship with Hashem’.

    Translating it this way, as I read this email, changed everything

    What do you think?


    • Emuna Daily says:

      Hi Gila, I think that is certainly the point of emuna. The goal is to have a relationship with Hashem. When you have a relationship with Hashem and you talk to Him about everything and He is always on your mind, in good times, bad times and every moment in between, that is emuna.

      I think that is the point of Tefilah. Hashem doesn’t need our prayers, but when we daven, we form a relationship with Him which strengthens our belief in Him. That is emuna.

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