Segulah to Remember Torah

Each morning, in birchas haTorah we say, “Hashem gave us His Torah.”  “In my opinion, birchas haTorah is a wonderful segulah for remembering Torah.

This might be the reason Reb Yehudah HaNasi called the first masechta of Shas – “Brachos.” Rebbe [Yehudah HaNasi] organized the Mishnayos so people shouldn’t forget them, but he was afraid that people might forget Torah, nonetheless. He named the first masechta “Brachos” to remind people to say birchas haTorah… and then the Torah will be given to them like a gift and it won’t be forgotten. Otherwise, it would be more fitting to call this first masechta “Kriyas Shema,” because Shema…is the first discussion of the masechta…”

We therefore see that success in Torah is solely after one says birchas haTorah. ~ The Tzlach (Brachos 64)

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