Am I getting Closer?

If a person wants to test himself: Am I getting closer to God?  As simple as it is – are you getting closer to people? Are you getting closer to your spouse, to your children.  Do you love people more?

And the holy Vorker says: if you want to know if you love God, it’s very simple.  When you see another human being, and you can control yourself and not speak to him, then you’re very far from God.  But if every human you meet and you see just blows your mind, gevalt! I can’t believe it.  I can’t believe it!  Another human being made in God’s image is walking around in the world! Master of the world, I didn’t think You would do so much. Gevalt! ~ R’ Shlomo Carlebach Zt”l

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3 Responses to Am I getting Closer?

  1. Menachem Spiegel says:

    Please unsubscribe me

  2. Gila says:

    I miss this man

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