Preparing for Shabbos

According to the Chida, he who joyfully makes preparations for Shabbos, Hashem will forgive all his sins.

Have a wonderful shabbos!

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3 Responses to Preparing for Shabbos

  1. says:


    The word joyfully is most important.

    How can you prepare for Shabbos?  Mentally, a matter of attitude, but it is so hard.

    Wish I could be there with you!

    Gut Shabbos,


    • Emuna Daily says:

      I hear you. Sometimes it is not easy. However, whenever we do mitzvos, it should be with simcha. Try to have in mind that you aren’t just preparing a typical meal. Rather, you are doing the will of Hashem! Doing what you were born to do! Performing one of the biggest mitzvos in the Torah, the reward for which we can’t even imagine. It is worth more than anything in the world. If you would be excited and happy about winning the lottery, which of course you would, than all the more so should you be excited and happy about doing a mitzvah which is worth so much more than money. With that in mind, every time you do a mitzvah, you should have more joy than if you won the lottery. Hatzlocha with everything and have a wonderful shabbos!

  2. Yehuda Grodko says:

    Where is the source for this?


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